Introducing: *Young* Women With A Vision, A Free Afterschool Program for Teen Black Girls!

Women With A Vision, Inc. (WWAV) is proud to announce the start of our “Young Women With A Vision” program!

Young Women With A Vision (YWWAV) is WWAV’s new weekly afterschool program for highschool-aged Black girls in New Orleans (and those within that age range outside of traditional school systems). Recognizing a lack of programming that specifically explores the experiences of and promotes the leadership of Black girls in New Orleans, YWWAV is a program rooted in leadership development and promoting sisterhood among Black women and girls in New Orleans.

Through weekly workshops, individualized mentorship relationships, peer education, the integration of arts advocacy and a unique curriculum integrating a human rights, Black feminist, Reproductive Justice, and social justice praxis, YWWAV aims to be:

  • a space for highschool-aged Black girls to build the foundation of their leadership, advocacy, and public speaking skills
  • a learning and development space for highschool-aged Black girls to explore the intersections Black girl/womanhood in a supportive, open and non judgemental space with other Black girls
  • a discussion and learning space for historical and contemporary issues affecting Black women and girls
  • a space for Black girls to process and heal from daily and historical traumas inflicted at the intersection of Blackness and girl/young womanhood
  • a space for non-judgemental volunteer-led academic support

YWWAV aims to equip Black girls in New Orleans with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate life at the intersections of their Black girl identities in order to promote the social, emotional, and cultural education, leadership, and well-being of Black girls in New Orleans.

The pilot will be open to 3 cohorts that will meet once a week every week from 4-7pm in an 8-week cycle starting in October and ending at the start of December before kicking back off for the spring semester in January. More information on cohorts can be found in the application which goes live Friday, August 26th, 2016.

In August and September, WWAV will also be holding info sessions for interested attendees and their parents at our office. Please contact for more information about these sessions.


Download flyer and info sheet here.

Apply for YWWAV here!

ywwav flyer




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