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Two Years After the Arson Attack, WWAV Works to Build the Vision

This weekend marked the 2-year anniversary of the arson attack on our offices, and here at Women With a Vision we have found ourselves looking back to look forward, celebrating our victories, and remembering our struggles. This past year at WWAV has been one of immense growth and healing, staff and supporters and allies joining together to find new vehicles to support the work and to grow the … [Read more...]

On the One Year Anniversary of the Arson Attack

Today, on the one year anniversary of the arson attack on our offices, we are honoring ourselves and the work that we have put in to heal and move forward this last year. And on this one year anniversary, it is important for us to say to the arsonists who destroyed our previous office space that we hold no anger towards you. Through this attack, we were held by a national and international … [Read more...]

Arson destroys Women With A Vision office — Please Help!

Dear friends, colleagues and family, Today we reach out to express our gratitude for your support and to let you know that everyone in the Women With A Vision family is safe. Thanks to the fast response of all of our supporters across the country, many of you have already heard that our office was broken into last night and set on fire. The worst damage was concentrated in our community … [Read more...]

A Message From Deon Haywood, Executive Director of Women With A Vision, Inc.

August 1, 2016 Dear Friends and Supporters of Women With A Vision, Inc., Today, I write to you not only as longtime supporters of Women With A Vision (WWAV), but also as members of our beloved community. I write to you on the eve of undertaking the biggest fight of my life. On July 20, 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Effective Friday, August 5th, I will be on medical leave as the … [Read more...]

WWAV’s Vision House Chosen for Tulane City Center’s 2015 Design Project

Women With a Vision is excited to be one of Tulane City Center’s new community collaborative design projects for 2015. Through this program, Tulane City Center and Tulane School of Architecture faculty and students provide pro-bono design and planning services to New Orleans based non-profit and community-based organizations each fall. WWAV is Tulane City Center’s IMAGINE project partner, and … [Read more...]

25 Years Ago Our Foremothers Had A Vision of the Future…

December 12, 2014 Dear WWAV family, This has been an incredible year for all of us at Women With A Vision. We have seen tremendous growth in our programming and capacity, and much of that is thanks to your support. Over the course of 2014, our small staff has worked tirelessly, both locally and nationally, to amplify the voices of our communities, ones most often ignored and … [Read more...]

Deon Haywood: Winnovating Intersectional HIV/AIDS Activism

On December 23rd, WWAV's Executive Director, Deon Haywood, was featured on Winnovating (Women Innovating) for her intersectional HIV/AIDS activism.  Mwende Katwiwa of the Winnovating team interviewed Deon as part of their summer drive to profile "Winnovators whose causes readers can support in the spirit of the holidays."  All donations up to $5000 will be matched until December 31st, 2013 as part … [Read more...]

We Need Your Support to BUILD the Vision! In May 2012, an arson destroyed Women With A Vision's office. Thanks to generous supporters and grassroots donors, WWAV has been able to purchase a house. But we need to raise more money for renovations, to turn the space into an office, community meeting space, and safe place for our clients to come and feel at home. Please watch … [Read more...]

This Giving Season, Help Us Build the Vision! December 3, 2013 THIS GIVING SEASON, HELP US BUILD THE VISION! Dear friends, allies, and family, We're still here because of you. On May 24, 2012, Women With A Vision suffered what could have been a debilitating blow. Our offices were ransacked and torched in an aggravated arson attack; we were left with nothing but the charred … [Read more...]

Rebuilding Our Archive: The “Born In Flames” Oral History Project with WWAV Board Member, Laura McTighe

After the 2012 aggravated arson attack on our offices, we lost more than our home and sense of safety in the city we love; we also lost all the tangible memorabilia of our more than twenty years of work. In the wake of this attack, WWAV sustained our rebuilding process by making new memories – uniting our members to craft policy campaigns for combatting the policies impacting their lives; … [Read more...]

The Gambit Takes a Look at Domestic Violence Programming in Lousisana

Gambit | November 19,2013 Louisiana's domestic violence problem: Alex Woodward on how New Orleans is combating one of the nation's highest rates of domestic violence by Alex Woodward Two glass doors and an elevator. Those are the only barriers Mary Claire Landry wants families to see between the chronic violence at home and resources Landry and dozens of others make … [Read more...]

Women With A Vision Kicks Off Community Voices Project

More than a year after the arson attack that destroyed our Mid-City offices, Women With A Vision has been working hard to rebuild our physical infrastructure, to rebuild a home that would provide a safe space for our clients, and in which we will be able to serve our community through educational services, harm reduction resources, and programs focusing on improving the lives of women and their … [Read more...]

Deon Haywood is’s Health Hero

We are so grateful to Kellee Terrell from for reaching out to see how we're doing a year after the arson attack on our offices, and to learn about our new policy fights after our big victory in the NO Justice campaign and our ongoing work to support the women of New Orleans in standing and living in their own power.  Scroll down to read her interview with our Executive Director, Deon … [Read more...]

A Space of Our Own

With the one year anniversary of the aggravated arson attack on our office quickly approaching, we want to reach out in thanks to all of our supporters – our friends, our families, our allies – for helping to see us through this hard time and to rise again like the phoenixes we are. It has been a hard year for us, most especially because being without an office has made it harder for us to … [Read more...]

WWAV is an Organization without Walls!

Since the fire, WWAV has been getting back to our roots. We began twenty-two years ago as a street-based harm reduction outreach program, reaching into the communities hardest hit by HIV to provide people with the tools they needed to keep themselves safe.  When our offices were destroyed in an aggravated arson attack in May 2012, we had no choice but to get back to those same streets to make … [Read more...]

At the Year’s End, Help Us Open Our New Home!

December 2012 Dear friends, allies and family, Like a phoenix, we fly, ever forward, for the love of liberation. On May 24, 2012, Women With A Vision suffered what could have been a debilitating blow.  Our offices were ransacked and torched in an aggravated arson attack; we were left with nothing but the charred remains of twenty-one years of work. In the wake of this attack, you helped … [Read more...]

Deon Haywood Addresses the New Orleans City Council

One month after an arson attack destroyed the WWAV office, there has still be no investigation.  This crime was targeted: our women's health models were stacked and burned, our reproductive justice posters were selectively singed throughout the office, the awards we received for our internationally recognized advocacy work were pulled from the office walls and tossed into the alley two stories … [Read more...]

Funders Invest in WWAV’s Future After the Fire

Within hours of the arson attack on our office, AIDS United, the Drug Policy Alliance, Broadway Cares, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, the Palette Fund and the Summit Foundation all reached out to us to pledge emergency funds to see us through this crisis.  We know how rare this kind of support is, and count ourselves truly blessed to be in struggle with such an incredible community of allies. … [Read more...]

WWAV Thanks Krewe du Vieux for All Your Support!

Since word first broke about the arson attack on the Women With A Vision office, the Krewe du Vieux captains and revelers have been with us, doing anything and everything to support Queen Deon Haywood. Whether you were cleaning out the office after the fire, organizing fundraisers to support our rebuilding, or helping us bottomline our capital campaign for a new home, all of you have been our … [Read more...]

Making Beauty, Making Change

On Thursday June 7th, the staff and board members of Women With A Vision took a trip to The Bead Shop, located on Magazine Street in New Orleans. Aside from admiring the beautiful jewelry that the shop carries, we also attended a jewelry making class for beginners, a first step in launching WWAV’s new micro-enterprise program. In the class, each of us was provided with a beginner’s kit, which … [Read more...]