WWAV Supporters Take to the Street With Style and Charm: It’s Not Too Late To Get Your WWAV T-shirt!

WWAV supporters have been rocking their new WWAV t-shirts near and far, from the Deep South to the cold North. We’re making a movement, and it’s not too late to take part!6

Are you looking for a stylish new tee? A tee that will also help raise funds for one of your favorite New-Orleans-based harm reduction non-profits?

Consider giving yourself or your loved ones a cool new WWAV t-shirt! You can pick up your t-shirts from WWAV for just $20! Call us at 504.301.0428 and we can arrange a time for you to get a t-shirt from one of our staff members or volunteers at our offices.

And if you’re out of state or unable to stop by locally, just donate $25 to our paypal and add your name, size requirement, and shipping info, and we’ll mail it to you!

Check out more shirts modeled by our supporters in the photo gallery below (PS: the photo on the right is Shaquita mailing the latest batch of orders!)





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