This World AIDS Day 2015, Shine a Light on the Health of Black Women & Girls

December 1, 2015 - A national movement has swept the nation over the past two years calling for social change under the banner of #BlackLivesMatter. Women With A Vision, Inc. has stood with our partners locally and across the nation shining a light on the impact of state violence in marginalized communities. Through our own work we’ve shone a specific spotlight on the impact of state violence … [Read more...]

World AIDS Day 2014: Intersectionality, HIV Justice, and the Future of Our Movement

While the past year has seen remarkable advances in HIV from prevention to policy, the challenges with HIV remain burdened and entrenched among the most vulnerable communities across the United States. Here at Women With a Vision we see this first hand in Louisiana and across the Deep South. As we’ve written about, the South is at the heart of the current HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States, … [Read more...]