WWAV Hosts Dancers’ Safety & Rights Meeting on Oct. 28th

WOMEN WITH A VISION COMMUNITY VOICES PROJECT Dancers Speak OUT! A Dancers’ Safety Forum & Know Your Rights Conversation! Women With A Vision, Inc. is hosting a safe space for women who work as dancers in New Orleans’ strip clubs, gentlemen’s clubs, nightclubs, and bars to talk about their experiences and share their stories. Open to all who identify as dancers in the local club … [Read more...]

Women With a Vision Applauds Adoption of Amnesty’s Policy Supporting the Human Rights of Sex Workers

On Tuesday, August 11, the international human rights organization Amnesty International voted to adopt a policy “that seeks attainment of the highest possible protection of the human rights of sex workers, through measures that include the decriminalization of sex work” at their International Council Meeting in Dublin, Ireland. Women With a Vision was one of hundreds of organizations that … [Read more...]

Sex Workers Benefit From Alternatives to Incarceration in New Orleans

Carla is a young woman in her late thirties. She dropped out of school in the ninth grade, because she “had never done well, so there was no point.” She had her first son not long after that and started dancing to provide for him. “I didn’t have an education or any skills and doing that I could take care of him,” she explained. Carla learned survival from watching her mother – even though her … [Read more...]

WWAV Presents on Diversion Program at Criminal Justice Hearing

Check out the video of WWAV's Crossroads Diversion Program Coordinator, Leslie Tyler Davis, and our Gender-Based Violence Program Coordinator, Rebecca Atkinson, presenting on "The Intersection of Criminal Justice and Social Justice" to the Criminal Justice Committee of the New Orleans City Council. The presentation is at the beginning of the meeting (read the press release here). … [Read more...]

WWAV Announces Crossroads Diversion Program

Crossroads Press Release (PDF) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OCTOBER 22, 2014 CONTACT: Leslie Davis Phone: 504-301-0428 E-mail: leslie@wwav-no.org WWAV ANNOUNCES CROSSROADS DIVERSION PILOT PROGRAM An alternative to incarceration that offers counseling, skills workshops, and leadership development for women arrested for involvement in street-based sex work On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, Women … [Read more...]

WWAV is a Featured Case Study for Good Practices in Sex Worker-Led HIV Programming

Women With a Vision is honored to be one of the featured organizations in the Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP)’s new report entitled, “Good Practice in Sex Worker-Led HIV Programming.” NSWP is a leading organization in the sex worker rights’ movement, working to uphold the voices of sex workers globally and to connect regional networks advocating for the rights of female, male, and … [Read more...]

News Reports Continue to Incorrectly Link Increased Sex Trafficking to Large New Orleans Events

Women With a Vision has a long commitment to fighting for the human rights protection of street-based sex workers and their families, addressing the needs of women impacted by laws and policies that make them unsafe, and that put them at risk for violence, stigmatization, and marginalization. WWAV believes that sex workers' rights are human rights. Last week WWLTV reported a story claiming that … [Read more...]

Rewatch Deon Haywood on MHP’s Super Bowl Special!

On Sunday, February 2, 2014, Women With a Vision's Executive Director Deon Haywood appeared on msnbc's Melissa Harris Perry Show on a panel entitled, "Sex, Money, and the Super Bowl," alongside guests Dave Zirin, Sports Editor at The Nation, Joy Reid, Managing Editor of TheGrio.com, and Yamiche Alcindor, National Reporter at USA Today. WWAV was honored to be apart of this discussion, and to … [Read more...]

Tune in Superbowl Sunday to see Deon Haywood on Melissa Harris-Perry!

Women With a Vision's Executive Director Deon Haywood will be on msnbc's Melissa Harris Perry Show this Sunday, February 2, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. EST. Deon will appear on a panel entitled, "Sex, Money, and the Super Bowl," and she will be joining an array of guests including Dave Zirin, Sports Editor at The Nation, Joy Reid, Managing Editor of TheGrio.com, and Yamiche Alcindor, National Reporter at … [Read more...]

The Myths Surrounding Sex Work and the Super Bowl

In the lead up to the Super Bowl, news report after news report have used the fear of prostitution to perpetuate what has long been shown to be an urban myth — the idea that there are intricate networks of sex workers that descend upon cities for large sporting events, a concept furthered by the argument that human sex trafficking follows the same path. Although the link between the Super Bowl and … [Read more...]