Sex Workers Benefit From Alternatives to Incarceration in New Orleans

Carla is a young woman in her late thirties. She dropped out of school in the ninth grade, because she “had never done well, so there was no point.” She had her first son not long after that and started dancing to provide for him. “I didn’t have an education or any skills and doing that I could take care of him,” she explained. Carla learned survival from watching her mother – even though her … [Read more...]

WWAV Presents on Diversion Program at Criminal Justice Hearing

Check out the video of WWAV's Crossroads Diversion Program Coordinator, Leslie Tyler Davis, and our Gender-Based Violence Program Coordinator, Rebecca Atkinson, presenting on "The Intersection of Criminal Justice and Social Justice" to the Criminal Justice Committee of the New Orleans City Council. The presentation is at the beginning of the meeting (read the press release here). … [Read more...]

WWAV Announces Crossroads Diversion Program

Crossroads Press Release (PDF) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OCTOBER 22, 2014 CONTACT: Leslie Davis Phone: 504-301-0428 E-mail: WWAV ANNOUNCES CROSSROADS DIVERSION PILOT PROGRAM An alternative to incarceration that offers counseling, skills workshops, and leadership development for women arrested for involvement in street-based sex work On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, Women … [Read more...]