Join WWAV For Discussion on Women and the War on Drugs!

More Than Collateral Consequence: Women, Incarceration & the War on Drugs

Wednesday, March 30, 2016
@ RAE House, 1212 St. Bernard Ave. in New Orleans

The U.S. Drug War has had a devastating impact on women and families, who have been greatly affected by harmful policies and laws. But so often the impact on women and girls is invisibilized.

Join WWAV as we explore the consequences of America’s longest war, highlighting the ways women and girls have been directly impacted and continue to suffer at the hands of Drug War laws and policies.

WWAV will also discuss the ways social movements and drug reform organizations are mobilizing for next month’s United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drugs, or UNGASS, working to force the the international community to rethink criminalization, and to instead prioritize health, human rights, and safety.


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