Women With A Vision, Inc (WWAV) is a community-based nonprofit, founded in 1989 by a grassroots collective of African-American women in response to the spread of HIV/AIDS in communities of color.

Recognizing that the face of HIV/AIDS has changed in the New Orleans area, with heterosexual Black women becoming the fastest growing population of newly-diagnosed cases in the city and state, this initial group of women disseminated HIV/AIDS education and substance abuse resources to individuals practicing high-risk behaviors such as injection drug use and unsafe sex practices.

We also began educating the public health sector on the need to increase prevention efforts and expand resources for comprehensive programs to address socio-economic root causes that increase communities’ vulnerability to HIV/AIDS.

Over the last 25 years, WWAV has become New Orleans’ premier women’s health organization combining service and advocacy to address the social conditions and injustices that impact our city’s most marginalized women.

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